Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be Continued

I put a poll on my chess site and got 10 responses to it so far. One vote was my own to test the poll to make sure that it worked properly. Also, I thought that my "Yes" vote would encourage others to vote "Yes". I got 5 votes for "I don't care", 4 for "Yes" (including my own vote) and one "No" vote. I have no way of knowing if anyone voted more than once. What strikes me as being odd is that someone would take the time to vote in my poll if he or she really does not care whether I keep the site up or not! Why vote if you really don't care about my site? I have until December third to make a decision on this site. If the majority of my site visitors don't care if I keep the site up then why should I go through the small expense of renewing my domain name and paying to host the site for another year? Because I am thinking about looking for a job as a webmaster or site administrator I need to keep a few of my sites up to show as samples of my work. The chess site has the most original content of any of my sites and the best traffic ranking. So, this would be a good site to show as a sample site. Also, analyzing my games for this site can help me to improve my play. Still. I have to wonder why I would want to give away my best moves and analysis for free to people who don't care about it!

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