Friday, July 24, 2009

Chess Opening Wizard

I have the professional version of Chess Opening Wizard and there is an upgrade coming out soon. It features photo learning of chess positions. I don't know how to use photo learning so I probably won't get much out of this new feature. The author, Mike Leahy, has a video that explains it and it can be found at

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Links to My Chess Site

I don't remember how but I got signed up for Google Alerts some time ago. They notify me whenever someone posts a link to my chess site. It seems that the page that gets linked to the most often is my beginner's page. It has the basic rules of chess and some diagrams to help out new players. Occasionally, I will find links to other pages.

I do have some recently finished correspondence chess games to post but I haven't felt up to doing that lately. For most of this week I have had mild to moderate headaches. I'm told that I don't have allergies but I still have allergy symptoms and I think that these are sinus headaches. Maybe this weekend I will feel up to updating this blog and my chess site but there are no guarantees on that.