Friday, September 09, 2011

Poor Sortsmanship in Chess

I have a game still in progress at Stan's Net Chess. The game can be found at My opponent, ZorMaster a.k.a Natacha Agafya Svetlana Burkov, is refusing to accept a draw in a game the neither of us can win because she is upset with me and is trying to aggravate me as much as she can. She is upset with me for two reasons: 1) She thinks that I used a chess engine against her, and 2) she thinks that my flirting with her was too dirty!

Most of the people that I have played there are so weak that a ten year old with a pocket calculator can beat them! The fact that this game is a draw would indicate that my chess engine is weak, that she is wrong and I did not use an engine, or she used one too! You decide. However, she is one of the few players there that actually gave me a challenge!

I find it so hysterical that a little brat who lives in a country where prostitution is legal thinks that I am "dirty" for saying that she looks good in a bikini that my sides are hurting from laughing! Her understanding of American men and the English language is so poor that she cannot tell the differences between flirting and dirty talk! She also seems to be unaware of the fact that flirting involves a little sexual innuendo! What makes my conversations with her flirting is the fact that what I said would be inappropriate if said to a straight man. I guess that she is too ignorant to get that! Read the conversations between us for yourself and decide if you think that either one of us went too far.

Because two of my last three opponents there have accused me of using a chess engine I will not be renewing my membership in December when it expires!