Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ICC Correspondence Chess

I have entered two different correspondence chess tournaments at ICC. I didn't do very well in the first one because I let my ICC membership expire prior to completing those games and lost a few of them on forfeit. I entered another one this year and still have two games left. It is these two games that have me ticked off at ICC right now. My opponent, JimGaming, exceeded the time control in both of my games with him! I sent time complaints to the tournament director both times and it took about 3 weeks for the director to respond to my complaints! In both cases my opponent was given a warning and more time to complete his moves! There was no mention of me getting more time to complete my moves! Why does my opponent, who has already violated the initial time control, get more time to play and I don't when I have been within the specified time control?!? IF my opponent violates the new time control, and I complain about it, then I get a win on time forfeit! I don't think that is fair and that is why I refuse to enter any more correspondence tournaments at ICC. I believe that the USCF has a similar rule about time controls in correspondence chess. In a regular over the board chess game my opponent would lose if I called him or her for exceeding the time control! Why is this different for correspondence chess? No one has given me a good reason for this yet!

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