Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Have Updated My Chess Site

I have updated several of the pages at my chess site which is located at The pages are my game with Dante Benez played on 17 November 1985, my Benoni Defense page, my Blackmar-Diemer Gambit page, my English Opening page, my French Defense page, my Gedult-Gunderam page, my Grob Attack page, and my Italian Game page. I have also added my loss to Stuart S. Finney playing the White side of the French Defense. In time I will be adding more games form OTB play as well as some correspondence games and some ICC games. I also have other web sites that I need to be working on, so I don't have all day to spend on chess. Maybe someday I will be able to become a professional chess player!

I got a card in the mail a few days ago that is advertising the 14th annual Southern Open. It is in Altamonte Springs, near Orlando, and is about an hour drive from here. I am hoping that I can catch a ride with someone who lives near me and share a room with him. The room rate is $79 a night whether it has one person in it or four. That would make the trip affordable for me. Otherwise, I plan to take half point byes in the first two rounds and drive back and forth both days. Gas is still cheaper than staying one night in a hotel room by myself! Or, I may take the byes in the morning rounds so that I can sleep in a little before i have to drive there.

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