Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mike Serovey Loses to Spanish Chess Expert Valentin Costa Trillo

This is one of my games that was played on the ICCF server last year. I played what I beleive to be a main line in the French Defense, Advanced Variation and I got outplayed by my opponent. The PGN file that I copied below has some notes and analysis in it, but this game is not yet posted to my chess site because I am still analyzing it. I want to get this posted here for the benefit of those players who want to know what was played in this game.

[Event "FINJUB50pr47"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2012.10.20"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Serovey, Michael"]
[Black "Costa Trillo, Valentín"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C11"]
[WhiteElo "1866"]
[BlackElo "2084"]
[Annotator "Michael Serovey"]
[PlyCount "94"]
[EventDate "2012.11.01"]
[EventType "corr"]
[WhiteTeam "USA"]
[BlackTeam "Spain"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 d5 3. e4 e6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. f4 c5 6. Nf3 Nc6 7. Be3 Qb6 8. Na4
Qa5+ 9. c3 cxd4 10. b4 Nxb4 11. cxb4 Bxb4+ 12. Bd2 Bxd2+ 13. Nxd2 O-O 14. Bd3 b5
15. Nb2 Nb6 16. Ke2 Nc4 17. Qc2 Qa3 18. Rhb1 f6 19. Bxh7+ Kh8 20. Qd3 fxe5 21.
Bg6 e4 22. Nxe4 Qxd3+ 23. Nxd3 dxe4 24. Bxe4 Rb8 25. g3 g5 26. Rf1 Nd6 27. Bc6
b4 28. fxg5 Rxf1 29. Rxf1 Ba6 30. Rf4 Rc8 31. Bd7 Rc3 32. Rxd4 Nf5 33. Rxb4 Rxd3
34. Ra4 Rd6+ 35. Ke1 Ne3 36. Be8 Ng2+ 37. Kf2 Rd2+ 38. Kf3 Bb7+ 39. Kg4
a6 40. h4 e5 41. g6 Kg7 42. Rb4 Bc8+ 43. Kf3 Rxa2 44. Bf7 Ne1+ 45. Ke4 Re2+ 46.
Kd5 Rd2+ 47. Ke4 Bd7 0-1

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM

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