Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tampabay Winter Open

I'm not sure why this tournament was called a Winter open when it took place in the Spring and the temperature outside was in the eighties! I beleive that we had a total of eight players in the tournament and it was held at Perkin's, which is an unususl location for a chess tournament.

I won Round One against some little boy with a 687 rating. Because this kid is provisionally rated he will actually gain rating points just for playing me! I did take the time to explain that to him and also went over the game with him to show him his mistakes. I usually will go over a game with my opponents afterward if they want me to.

In Round Two I drew Rob Clark (1746) and in Round Three I drew Mike Hoffer (1713). I'm still trying to reconstruct the missing moves from my score sheet in the game against Mike. I'll probably have to guess at some of them.

I lost the last round to Richard Sloan (1635) but found a winning continuation at home that I missed during the game. The wrong move order in that game caused me to lose at a point where I could have won.

I'll post these games eventually. First, I need to get some work done on my (new to me) car and find a place to move to. I'm doing chess stuff during my not busy times.

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