Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goals for 2010

Normally, I post my goals for the new year around January 1 of each year. I haven't posted here in quite a while so I'm just now getting around to it. This time I'm not posting just my chess goals. I'm going to include other goals too.

Last year I didn't play in any USCF rated events so all of those rating stayed the same. I plan to play in some this year and bring my standard rating up to over 1600 again. It hasn't been there in about 20 years now.

My rating at Stan's Net Chess is now up to 2304. My goal for this year is to get it over 2400.

My ratings at ICC are as folows:

rating [need] win loss draw total best
Blitz 1400 [8] 15 28 6 49 1441 (13-Mar-2005)
Standard 1438 [2] 75 86 19 180 1674 (03-Jul-2004)
5-minute 851 [8] 1 2 0 3
Correspondence 1749 29 15 10 54 1749 (26-Mar-2010)

I had some losses in standard play as a result of careless play and my rating dropped so I need to get it back over 1500. Then, I'll work on getting it over 1600.

I got accepted into a Ph.D. program at Northcentral University and start my first class in June. One of my goals is to eventually finish that degree and find a job teaching somewhere.

Another goal is to update several of my web sites and promote them consistently so that they produce steady income.

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