Saturday, January 19, 2008

ICC and Me

Last month I did renew my membership in ICC even though I am a little unhappy with them. I got the student discount rate because I am now in graduate school. I had one correspondence chess game still going and didn't want to lose it on forfeit. I had that happen to a few games years ago when I failed to renew my ICC membership. It hurt my ICC correspondence chess rating and my correspondence chess win-loss ratio. Also, ICC does have some lectures and training programs that can help me improve. Overall, I think that the money that I spent to renew my ICC membership was worth it and I will get enough value for my money over the course of 2008. We will see about renewing for 2009 when the time comes. As for playing any more correspondence chess games at ICC, I may, but right now I am leaning toward not playing any more at ICC. I am still having a problem with the fact that they don't enforce the time controls.

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Steve in TN said...

I understand your thoughts about CC at ICC. I currently have two games going against an individual that should have been forfeited for grievously over stepping the time requirements.

I currently play at ICCF and USCF (both on the ICCF server) in addition to ICC. I'll probably not play any more CC at ICC and will look for another "free" site to play CC on, perhaps Scheming Mind.