Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mike Serovey Defeats Stahlberg

Here is another one of my ICC correspondence chess games. When I realized that my opponent wanted to go into the Alekhine's defense I had a choice of allowing this or transposing into something else. Because this was a correspondence game I was able to use MCO 14 as a guide to this opening. I have been wanting to learn Alekhine's defense because I may play it as Black as a surprise weapon. Playing the White side of it gave me a chance to look at one line in that defense. I got a slight positional advantage out of the opening, but definitely not enough of an advantage to win. My opponent blundered away a Bishop on move 29 and resigned. Stahlberg's rating at the start of this game was 1626 and it dropped to 1589 at the end of it. My ICC correspondence chess rating went up to 1568 as a result of this win. My score in this section is now 1 - 3. I need a couple of more wins to reach my goal of going over 1600 by the end of the year. I also need 2 more wins to even up my overall score in ICC correspondence chess. I'm not posting this game to my chess site because I don't plan on playing either side of the Alekhine's defense any time soon. Here is the game in PGN.

[Event "ICC correspondence 2007Seven.02.20"]
[Site "Internet Chess Club"]
[Date "2007.08.25"]
[Round "-"]
[White "OnGoldenPawn"]
[Black "Stahlberg"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ICCResult "Black resigns"]
[Opening "Alekhine's defense: modern, Larsen variation"]
[ECO "B04"]
[NIC "AL.05"]
[Time "18:02:54"]

1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. d4 d6 4. Nf3 dxe5 5. Nxe5 g6 6. Bc4 c6 7. O-O Bg7 8.Re1 O-O 9. Bb3 a5 10. a3 a4 11. Bxd5 cxd5 12. Nc3 Be6 13. Bf4 Qc8 14. Qf3Rd8 15. Rad1 Nc6 16. Qe3 Nxe5 17. Bxe5 Bxe5 18. Qxe5 Qd7 19. h4 Bg4 20. f3Be6 21. Na2 Qd6 22. Nb4 Qxe5 23. Rxe5 Rac8 24. c3 Rd6 25. Rde1 Kf8 26. g4Rc7 27. Kg2 Kg8 28. Kg3 Kf8 29. f4 f5 {Black resigns} 1-0

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