Friday, October 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts On Chess

I just found out that there is a chess club in Brandon, Florida and it meets on Wednesday nights at the library on Vonderberg Road. I plan to start attending now that I know about it. Also, there is a chess club in Tampa that is on North 56th Street. So, now I can play chess without having to drive all the way to St. Pete.

The October issue of Chess Life has a picture of Irina Krush on the cover and a few more of her inside. I think that she is pretty and if I figured her age out right she is 23 years old. She is an international master (IM) and the current US Womens Champion. I will probably never get to meet her but I would definitely like to date her if I could. Or, I would pay her for chess lessons just to get to spend some time with her. I suppose that most people think that chess masters are big nerds and that the women who play chess are ugly and nerdy. I have seen pictures of Irina Krush and Susan Polgar and I think that both of them are good looking. I also think that some of the other women masters that I have seen in Chess Life are pretty. Over the past 21 years I have seen a few attractive young girls and women at various tournaments in Florida. Back in 1986 Carla Sutphin was a 1700 rated player and a very good looking young woman. She stated back then that she would not marry a chess player because they don't earn enough money. I haven't seen here since then so I have no idea whom she married. I met a girl from the Miami area named Sashi Luna. She was 11 or 12 when I first met her and really cute. The last time I saw her she was 15 and gorgeous. I believe that her rating was only around 1300 then. Her father and brother are much better players than she is. At the state championship of 2006 I saw 4 rather pretty girls there. One I knew from the St. Pete Chess Club and her name is Christina Fuller. I have only played her once and lost because I was trying to force a win out of a dead drawn endgame and walked into a checkmate. I won't underestimate her again! I am looking forward to a rematch with her. The last time that I saw her was over a year ago and she was really cute back then. Another cute girl that I saw at the State Championship was a 1600 rated teenage girl named Rita Merchandani. She was with someone I believe to be her older sister. Both were gorgeous. I saw a rather pretty blond that didn't appear to be in the tournament, just there to watch. My hope is that these pretty teen aged girls will continue to play chess as adults and after they turn 18 years old I might be able to get a date with one of them. My main point in all of this is that there are a few good looking girls and women who play chess and some of them are even good at chess!

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Wahrheit said...

Nice thoughts on the "brighter side of chess!"

The Krush photo isn't bad, but the way she's squeezing the King a little too hard makes me uncomfortable in some Fruedian way.