Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mike Serovey On Chess Will Have A New Look

The hosting for two of my domain names has expired. That left these two sites suspended for a few days. Instead of renewing the hosting for two sites that aren't really earning any money I decided to move the hosting over to Go Daddy and use the free hosting that they offer. I get more space and bandwidth than I did with my paid hosting and the only real drawback is that each and every page of these two sites will have Go Daddy's advertising at the top of them. So, the new look will be that there will be new ads at the top of every page. The other change that I am going to make is to remove the server side includes in some of my pages. I will keep the .shtml extension for these pages so that links to these pages will still work. I still have to wait for Go Daddy to complete the set up and then I can upload to the new server. The site should be up and running again by 4 PM EST Tuesday, December 12.

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